Come and join us for our last workshop of the year and learn how to easily grow bananas in your own backyard.

Using permaculture principles, we will be building a banana circle in the Combine Street Community Garden and plant bananas trees as well as some good companion plants.


A banana circle is one of the easiest-to-build and most rewarding element of a permaculture garden.

Within weeks, it provides:

  • a beautiful shaded area to sit under,
  • great screening and windbreak,
  • a potential place to catch rain or grey water,
  • a place to dipose of green waste (in the centre of the circle… the hungry banana trees will literally eat it all up!),
  • and of course, lots of FREE bananas year round!


Banana circle workshop 

Date: Sunday 18th December 2011

Time: 9am-11am

Place: Combine Street Community Garden (see map below)

Cost: this is a FREE workshop

What to bring: hat, sunscreen, water, gloves…