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Coffs Regional Community Gardens Association

PO Box 1757,  Coffs Harbour NSW 2450



Private Garden Plot Agreement between the Coffs Regional Community Gardens (CRCG) and ________________ as User



  1. Objectives


The User agrees to adhere to the following specific objectives as contained in the Constitution of the CRCG


  • To grow fresh organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, grains and nuts for the consumption of those participating in the community garden.
  • To create opportunities for social interactions and to enhance the resilience of Coffs Harbour’s communities.
  • To promote optimal regional biodiversity.
  • To foster community education, life-skills learning activities and self reliance.
  • To adopt appropriate principles of sustainability, conservation and bioregionalism in our gardening practices.


  1. Financial Year


The financial year of CRCG begins from June 30th. The period of rental of a private garden plot is for the financial year, joining beyond the midterm months (December to May) will incur a half price fee.


  1. Annual Rental Fee


The Committee of CRCG shall decide at its discretion the annual rental fee of private garden plots for the new financial year, currently $60


  1. Allocation of Private Garden Plots


The Committee of CRCG shall decide at its discretion the registered members who will be invited to apply for annual rental garden plot.


  1. Insurance Requirements


  • The Users acknowledges that Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance is for genuine Accidents Only.


  1. Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)


The User agrees to confirm with OH&S Risk Management Policy as adopted by the Committee of CRCG


  1. Growing Techniques and Biodiversity


The User acknowledges and agrees



  • To adopt Organic growing practices (Without using Synthetic Chemicals of any kind)
  • That biodiversity and companion planting will be promoted in their garden plot.
  • To utilize heirloom, non-hybrid and native Australian plant varieties. (Genetically modified seeds or plants are strictly denied) .
  • To create and use organic composts, mulches and fertilizers.
  • To monitor for and learn about organic pest and disease control measures and techniques.


  1. Produce from Private Garden Plots


The USER acknowledges the security limitations of the community garden and accepts that produce from the allocated private garden plot may be misappropriated (particularly if mature perishable fruits are not harvested in a timely fashion). The USER accepts such misappropriation will not be reimbursed by CRCG.


  1. Use of Produce from Private Garden Plots


The USER agrees that produce harvested from allocated private garden plots is for their consumption or may be given away or exchanged.


  1. Lapse of Rental Agreement


The USER accepts that the annual right to the exclusive use of the allocated private garden plot will lapse if:


  • The annual rental fee has not been paid to CRCG;
  • The USER fails to properly maintain their allocated private garden plot including and particularly:- The removal of weeds (couch and nut grass in particular) and any mature fruits such as tomatoes or other crops susceptible to pests and diseases are harvested in a timely fashion and spoilt produce removed and disposed of appropriately (bagged and taken off site; seeds extracted for later use and the rest composted or directly added to the liquid fertilizer).
  • If no produce is planted for a period of 8 weeks where it would have been possible for another member to use the private garden plot for production purposes.
  • The USER contravenes any of the Conditions of this Agreement.
  1. Non-Transference of Allocated Private Garden Plots


The USER agrees that their right to use the allocated private garden plot cannot be transferred to another CRCG member of any other third party without the prior consent of the garden management committee.


  1. Water Use Minimization


The USER agrees to minimize water use by using a watering can when possible and applying suitable mulching  materials to their garden beds. (Hose permitted only during summer months)


  1. Governing Law


The law of the State of New South Wales shall apply to the interpretation of this Agreement.



THIS AGREEMENT  is DATED the _____________________________






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