There is nothing quite like a beautiful mural in a prominent place to raise the spirits and create a welcoming vibe for all who pass by.

The Coffs Regional Community garden has plenty of attractions to impress and inspire visitors to the site but until recently some beautiful artwork  was one of the few things it was still waiting for.

Long time CRCG member and supported Rhondda Daniell mentioned to her sister Robyn Henley of an opportunity to come and visit from her home at Shell Harbour on the south coast  to Coffs Harbour, where the community garden had a fantastic composting toilet with a prominent yet “BLANK” front door and adjacent wall.

Robyn soon made the journey to come and visit Rhondda and hubby Mike for a few days and promptly came down to the CRCG for a look at the blank space. She came back the next day armed with paints, brushes and a beaming smile and then began a wondrous transformation of the blank door and wall into a most beautiful work of art. Created at no charge to the garden and purely for the love of art and its expression, you have left an enduring legacy with us Robyn!  Much thanks and appreciation from All the members!!


A few words from the artist….
“For years, I have loved to paint. I have enjoyed attending classes of several well-known artists and have explored different forms of art. I have painted in oils and acrylics and really enjoy watercolour, pastel and mixed media. Added to this is my love of drawing and creating murals in many different situations. Over the years I have taught and enjoyed art as a teacher and artist. I love to capture the beauty of Australia. I enjoy many different subjects and have always loved variety and spontaneity in my work. I have exhibited in a number of exhibitions, and have sold many of my artworks.
Thank you for the opportunity to create this mural for Coffs Coast Community Gardens and I hope it will bring lots of pleasure to those who enjoy many hours pottering in the garden in the fresh air and sunshine”.

Thank you,
Robyn Henley

Robyn & her new mural