Why learn how to propagate your own plants?

To save money while expanding your garden,

Propagate plants to sell,

Do your own plant breeding (seedling selections for certain desirable traits),

or just Grow plants to give away to friends and relatives.

Learning how to propagate your own plants from a range of free sources is one of the most satisfying hobbies that can span a lifetime.

At this workshop you’ll learn how to greatly improve your skills in propagating your own plants. Covering the essential aspects of growing plants from cuttings; division; ground and aerial layering; synthetic and natural inducement of plant hormones; Seeds – non hybrid/ GM, collection and storage, germination optimization processes – stratification, scarification and moon influences; Propagation mediums; Home hothouse improvisations; Budding and grafting theory and demonstration;  Maintenance and ongoing care.

Starting at 10.30 sharp and finishing at 12.30.



What to bring along on the day.. Your own secateurs, a hat, any plant material you’d like to share with the group, your enthusiasm to get hands on and learn new skills!

Cost is absolutely free and refreshments are available at the end.

Places for this workshop are limited due to the practical skills you will learn and so bookings are essential.. Please register   at