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Bronze Perch

Sustainable Aquaponics – An Introduction (Workshop this Sunday 23rd Nov)

Learn about this revolutionary and still evolving method of growing both fish and vegetables together naturally and organically. You’ll learn about the types of systems and components that can be used including flood and drain, flow through, floating raft, CHOP, bell siphons, timers and filters. We’ll cover nutrients in the system, mains power installations and…

The Secret of OZ

Mega Open Day this Sunday the 9th of November at the Coffs Regional Community Garden

                    FREE workshops & kids’ activities.   10am  to 11am – Composting and nutrient recycling systems 11am to 12nonn – Using local bamboo for a green economy, garden and building 12noon to 1pm – Lunch available and open garden self  guided  tours 1pm to 2pm   – Sustainable Garden Watering strategies 2pm to 3pm  – Fully…

Robyn and Rhondda by the mural

Fantastic New Mural on the Coffs Regional Community gardens Compost toilet by amazing artist Robyn Henley

There is nothing quite like a beautiful mural in a prominent place to raise the spirits and create a welcoming vibe for all who pass by. The Coffs Regional Community garden has plenty of attractions to impress and inspire visitors to the site but until recently some beautiful artwork  was one of the few things…

Rhondda and Mike 2014

Rhondda and Mike Daniell – The first Life-time members of Coffs Regional Community Gardens

In the world of not for profit community organizations, dedicated volunteers are both the life blood and the backbone. Without these thoroughly committed people contributing their time and energy for causes close to their hearts, our communities would be all the poorer. Rhondda and Mike Daniell are just such people. Their sustained commitment to the…

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