Understanding soil

Understanding Soil Health – Sunday Nov 22nd

In this workshop we will discuss how to assess your soil health in relation to growing healthier plants.  We will look soil analysis, existing plant indicators, the soil biome, pH of soil and its implications and adjustments. We will also discuss the importance of organic matter, mulch, composts, natural fertilizers, worms, fungal relationships, legumes and liquid…


Workshop 24th May 2015 ‘Love food hate waste’ from 10.30am

In NSW on average every household throws away about $1000 worth of edible food each year – that’s a total of 1.1 million tonnes of food waste in NSW alone! Come along to this participatory workshop and learn about meal planning, correct storage how, to reduce food waste and some inspirational ways to use leftovers.…

Asassin bug in action

‘Using Plants and Fowers to Reduce Garden Pests’ Workshop at the CRCG – 26th April Presented By Steve McGrane

Ever heard of an insect reservoir or how having one will assist your garden to thrive? How about getting help from a HIPPO? If not, then come along to this very informative workshop! You will learn about the fascinating behaviour and lifecycle of your garden insects, including information on how to assess the population, what…

Fresh harvest

Workshop – ‘Cooking straight from the garden’ presented by Arlan Ilon this Sunday 14th Dec

Would you like to be able to improvise with whatever is fresh, organic and in season growing in your garden?  Walk around the CRCG and do a delicious harvest and then prepare a sumptuous seasonal feast for your friends and family.  Covering some traditional easy to make stir-fry and accompanying dishes, you’ll also learn how…

Bronze Perch

Sustainable Aquaponics – An Introduction (Workshop this Sunday 23rd Nov)

Learn about this revolutionary and still evolving method of growing both fish and vegetables together naturally and organically. You’ll learn about the types of systems and components that can be used including flood and drain, flow through, floating raft, CHOP, bell siphons, timers and filters. We’ll cover nutrients in the system, mains power installations and…

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