We are looking for donations of pots, trays, Styrofoam boxes, gardening tools, hoses, irrigation pipes and fittings, wire netting, mobile rabbit/ guinea pig or chicken cages, food grade plastic drums, bath tubs and laundry tubs, Star posts, bamboo, tomato stakes, bricks, pavers, building materials, clean reusable plastic bags, newspapers and cardboard, firewood and useful plants. Also Lawn clippings, finely cut prunings, herbivorous animal manures, woodchip, sea weed and other clean compostable materials. So please bring them along on a Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday mornings, or please reply to this email to arrange pick up from you.


To coordinate another time for drop off at the garden or to arrange pickup please email or use the conact page on this site.



  ** You can also donate financially to the garden via direct deposit to our bank account at the Banana Coast  credit union.


Account Name – Coffs Regional Community Gardens Association Inc

BCB -704328

Account number – 218347S11


** Please remember to Leave your name as a reference and also please send an email to us via the “contact” page of our website so that we can acknowledge and thank you for your kind support.


The Garden is Open Tuesday and Thursday  9am to 3.30pm and and Sundays from 10am to 2.00pm