Native bee hive

An Introduction to Native Bees – Workshop Sunday the 28th of June 2015

Come along and learn about the different types of native bees found in and around Coffs Harbour.  In this workshop we will cover ways to identify bees and their social behaviour, including foraging and nesting needs.

Native bee hive

Native bee hive

You will also learn about creating hives for both social and solitary bees and keeping social bees for honey.

Starting at  10:30am and concluding at 12:30pm

 Presented By Steve McGrane

The cost is FREE but places are Limited so please book your spot now. Go to


Workshop 24th May 2015 ‘Love food hate waste’ from 10.30am

In NSW on average every household throws away about $1000 worth of edible food each year – that’s a total of 1.1 million tonnes of food waste in NSW alone!


Come along to this participatory workshop and learn about meal planning, correct storage how, to reduce food waste and some inspirational ways to use leftovers.

A healthy lunch and snacks will be provided.

Presented by Local celebrity and runner up to the 2015 Coffs Regional Woman of the year award, Julie Ferguson.

Sunday May 24

10:30am – 12:30pm


Places are Limited so please book your spot now. Go to



Asassin bug in action

‘Using Plants and Fowers to Reduce Garden Pests’ Workshop at the CRCG – 26th April Presented By Steve McGrane

Ever heard of an insect reservoir or how having one will assist your garden to thrive? How about getting help from a HIPPO? If not, then come along to this very informative workshop!

You will learn about the fascinating behaviour and lifecycle of your garden insects, including information on how to assess the population, what plants they do and don’t like and many ways to attract the ones you want and deter those you don’t.

This information is suitable for both the backyard gardener and larger scale Agricultural/ Horticultural producers who would like to learn more about Organic production strategies.

The Cost is Free and starts at 10.30 am sharp and concluding at 12.30. Light refreshments are also provided.


Plant Propagation Techniques – Workshop by Matthew Donwnie at the CRCG on the 22nd of March 2015

Why learn how to propagate your own plants?

To save money while expanding your garden,

Propagate plants to sell,

Do your own plant breeding (seedling selections for certain desirable traits),

or just Grow plants to give away to friends and relatives.

Learning how to propagate your own plants from a range of free sources is one of the most satisfying hobbies that can span a lifetime.

At this workshop you’ll learn how to greatly improve your skills in propagating your own plants. Covering the essential aspects of growing plants from cuttings; division; ground and aerial layering; synthetic and natural inducement of plant hormones; Seeds – non hybrid/ GM, collection and storage, germination optimization processes – stratification, scarification and moon influences; Propagation mediums; Home hothouse improvisations; Budding and grafting theory and demonstration;  Maintenance and ongoing care.

Starting at 10.30 sharp and finishing at 12.30.



What to bring along on the day.. Your own secateurs, a hat, any plant material you’d like to share with the group, your enthusiasm to get hands on and learn new skills!

Cost is absolutely free and refreshments are available at the end.

Places for this workshop are limited due to the practical skills you will learn and so bookings are essential.. Please register   at

Coffs Creek bank

Creek bank rehabilitation project at the Coffs regional community gardens 8th March from 9am

Coffs Regioanl Landcare and Coffs Regional Community Gardens are holding a joint rehabilitation project on the Coffs creek tributary that runs on the northern side of the community garden.

This  Sunday the  8th of March from 9am, Aaron Hartley of CHCC will be onsite to facilitate the project. The creek banks  will be nicely prepared to make its easy for participants to plant trees and shrubs that are suitable for the location.

Coffs Creek  bank

Coffs Creek bank

This will reduce the need for weed control in the future and the trees will provide shade and habitat for local native birds and other animals.

All are welcome to attend, tools and equipment will be provided. Please wear suitable footwear and a hat to protect yourself. Meet at the front of the community garden in Combine st reserve.