The garden

The garden is now a few years old and already one of the very best community gardens in NSW and probably Australia.

View into the meeting space

View into the meeting space

Solar powered aquaponics system

Solar powered aquaponics system


We now have a cutting edge aquaponics system. Productive animals including chickens, Muscovy ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs, an extensive nursery facility, state of the art composting toilet, large undercover meeting space with stand alone solar power. Two large rainwater collection tanks;

Nursery tunnel

Nursery tunnel

cutting edge - Composting toilet

cutting edge – Composting toilet

Subtropical and warm temperate food forests containing well over  120 different fruit and nut trees. 26 privately leased plots; extensive composting and liquid fertilizer production areas, children’s play area with swings, sand pit, and strawberry patch; Revegetated water course and the potential to expand further as the group grows and more

Compost bays

Compost bays

Private garden plots

Private garden plots

space is required.











Mandala garden

Mandala garden

Citrus street scape at the front of the CRCG

Citrus street scape at the front of the CRCG













The different areas of the garden

Community Space

(Main purposes: training, cooking, community meetings)

► Training facilities would allow to run regular workshops and info sessions (organic gardening, composting, seedlings, permaculture for home gardeners, healthy cooking, waterwise gardening, bush food, etc).

► Cooking facilities would allow the organisation of social events where attendees can test the gardens’ produce and learn new delicious ways to cook veggies.



(Main purposes: encourage seed saving and propagation, showcase water-harvesting devices)

► ideally with a greenhouse and its own water tank / irrigation system

►encourage seed saving and propagation


Natives / Bush food area

►encourage better knowledge of bush foods and traditional medicinal plants

►generate interest in native plants and land conservation


Organic recycling area

(with hot/cold compost, wormfarms)

► demonstrate the benefits of  composting / wormfarming (easy, economic, odourless)

► showcase sustainable living solutions


Kids area

(with kids gardening sets and possibly sandpit, cubby house and kids table and chairs)

►make gardening more appealing for young families

►show kids gardening can be fun, social and interesting

►help raise kids and young parents awareness on their impact on the environment, their ability to be more self sufficient, the importance of healthy food, cooking and producing their own food…


26 Garden plots for members:

► Available to all Coffs Harbour LGA residents for a small annual rental fee.


If you’d like to know more, have a look at About CRCG or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

The original 3D Concept Plan

Here is a 3D preview of the original community garden design:



Here is a 3D video to take you through the garden as we’d like to design it:


Many thanks to Greg Field, Permaculture/landscape Designer & Consultant from WHILD (Wild Harvest Integrated Landscape Design) for creating this amazing 3D Concept Plan.