“Our Members Nursery is open for business!”

We have an Extensive range of edible plants, all organically grown and at the best prices you’ll find!

We  have Vegetable and herb Seedlings, Fruit trees and Perennial vegetables.

Open Monday, Thursday, Saturday 9am to 3pm

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Perennial vegies
*Sweet potato – (Purple fleshed, Yellow fleshed, Orange fleshed, White fleshed and purple skinned with white flesh)
*Taro – (Purple flecked, yellow flecked, pure white and celery stemmed)
* Tannia/ Coco Yam
* Turmeric – (orange and yellow varieties)
* Cassava
* Yacon/ Earth apple
*  Arrowroot
* Comfrey
* Aerial Yam
*Jerusalem artichokes / Sunroot
* Chayote / Perennial squash (seeds)
Fruits/ Nuts
*  Pepino
* Black Sapote
*Ice cream bean
* Jak fruit
* Tamarillo
* Pineapple- sucker
* Dragon fruit (red) – cutting
* Pigeon pea (seeds)
* Mountain pawpaw
*Candle nut
* Cape Gooseberry
* Chinese Mugwort
*Elder berry
* Perennial basil
* Lemon grass
* Citronella grass
* Sugar cane
* Aloe Vera